Project Description


  • Technical details
  • m 4,3x0,8 Dimension
  • n 2 Seats for nylon roll
  • cm 52 Height
  • Kw 0,25 Electrical power
  • Kg 300 Weight
  • Kg 250 Capacity
On a line of automatic resin a device that stretches the nylon on the plates that ask for such operation can be climbed on.
Automatic stretching nylon it is formed from two uppercuts in tubular, which are climbed on on the structure of the turns plates, complete of double support with the possibility to apply two nylon rolls of various dimensions in length. A motorized roll to varying speed covered of tender rubber has the assignment to unroll the nylon roll.
This last helped by a platen, with pneumatic driving, it will bring the nylon sheet in the optimal position of coverage of the whole plate. Ended the operation of spread of the nylon on the plate, in the superior part, it is electronically positioned on purpose on two pneumatic cylinders a heated thread; in the moment of inversion of march of the cart turns plates will be effected the operation of cut of the nylon.
The incandescent thread has the possibility to be regulated in height according to the dimensions of the plates to cover.
All the mechanisms are climbed on on pads. The principal transmission of the roll is given through motoriduttore with strap toothed transmission.