The firm, with really qualified personnel, is specialized in the maintenance of the products built to its own clients.
The whole business organization to norm ISO 9001:2008 allow to track down in real times any produced manufactured article, tracking every useful datum to its maintenance down, both for  industrial sector that for civil one.

Besides the firm Cracco s.a.s. deal him with general maintenance on any existing both public and private metallic structure already.

As in the production, in phase of maintenance we want to always assure you a sure product that is developed with the same care guaranteed by a tested and certified system ISO 9001 and certification of Product Us.

Our offices are open from 8.00 to the 12.00 and from 13.30 to the 17.30.
A person of the Technical office is always available to resolve your problems and to give you the whole assistance of which you have need.