Project Description


It totally structures in tubular of steel of big thickness and strengthened in the points base.

The movement of rotation is transmitted through a reduction gear of big dimensions with motor (HP 2).
Set to the outside of the crib door-block there are two racks to form, hauled by two pinions that with their movement they make to rotate the crib on the rolls of support.
The rotation of 90° is gotten in 30.
The commands are given by a portable buttom through which the operator, in ideal position and to safety distance you/he/she can freely maneuver the same turns blocks.

– The weight of the block in rotation (or turnover) remains always in center without never burdening on the carrying structure the out;
-center of the block, acting on four solid points of rotation;
– little encumbrance of the car – reduced necessary electric energy consumption to the rotation.

  • Size
  • m 3,2x2x2,4H
  • Capacity
  • Ton 35
  • Motor break
  • Kw 1,5